About Rinaldi

Family owned and operated, JG Food Products, Inc. manufactures fresh sausage from the finest ingredients. Our mission is to provide a quality fresh sausage with great flavor your whole family will enjoy. JG Food Products, Inc. has been the proud makers of Rinaldi Sausage for over 28 years. Serving the metro Detroit community Rinaldi Sausage can be found in local retail stores. If your local grocery store doesn't carry the product, ask them to start carrying Rinaldi Sausage... read more


"My family and I had a blind taste test using Rinaldi sausage among others. The results were 19 out of 20 preferring Rinaldi. Keep in mind the one dissenting person is not Italian. Texture, color and taste were perfection. THANK YOU from all of us and our tastebuds!!!!!" - J.Wilson -

"I love your "Hot" Italian sausage. It is the only brand I use for my Lasagna. Delicious!!!" - D.Johnson -

Find Rinaldi At

  • Kroger
  • Cantoro Italian Marketplace
  • Johnny Pomodoro
  • Dearborn Bakery
  • Livonia Italian Bakery
  • Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace
  • Oak Ridge Market
  • Papa Joe’s
  • Randazzo’s
  • Shopper’s Market
  • Villa Bakery & Delicatesen
  • V.G.’s
  • Vince & Joe’s
  • Value Center Marketplace
  • Value Fresh Marketplace